Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Masquerade Ball!

This past weekend was such a blast. John works for a company called Clearlink and they had there annual winter party this last Saturday. Can I tell you it was AMAZING. The theme was Cirque Du Clearlink. It was held at the Rail Event center downtown. We have never been there before, you enter through the side entrance and it looks grungy. We were like what is this place and why are we having it here. Then you walk around to the front and it's really nice. We had to dress up in a formal and where masks. I was kinda wondering how it was all going to go down but it was so much fun. It had amazing entertainment and food. They gave awards out. People were winning trips to anywhere they wanted to go for a week and the owner would give him his credit card. I was blown away. A hipnotist came and we ended the night full of dancing! We have not done this kind of stuff for such a long time so we had so much fun and enjoyed every minute of it.

This is how it looked inside. I loved the center pieces. this picture doesn't do much justice of how cool it looked.
The dancers. The people that would do the ribbon flips were so amazing!
I loved our mask! I brought them home from europe when i went, they turned out great! Its fun to dress up all nice sometimes.
My handsome husband eating cotton candy. They had a cotton candy table, I have not eaten that stuff since i was a kid. We were lovin it this night!

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